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Questions for On Solutions

Who we are?

On Solutions, founded in 2020, is one of the newest companies of the BALFIN Group, which offers loyalty programs, customer services and experience, social media communication, NPS, surveys, customer satisfaction measurement, indicated search services, telesales, management of online sales, various analyzes and reports.

On Solutions manages the largest loyalty program in Albania, Happy, with +500,000 members who are rewarded every year. Happy Program is this multi-brand scheme in Albania.

Which are the main advantages of On Solutions?

Some of the essential reasons to cooperate with On Solutions are:

  • Qualified staff
  • Powerful database
  • Technical infrastructure built on coherent systems
  • Standard and efficient processes
  • Experience with market leading partners
  • Integrity

What services does On Solutions offer to partners?

The basic services offered by On Solutions are as follows:

  • Loyalty Program
  • Marketing campaign
  • Affiliate Program
  • Customer Experience
  • Market Research
  • Telesales

What are the strategic steps that On Solutions follows for Marketing Campaigns?

On Solutions helps you to create marketing campaigns and offer your customers personalized content at exactly the right time and channel (SMS/ Viber/ Email/ Push Notification).

Grow your target audience through unique customer engagement campaigns, customized to customer needs and preferences, using multiple platform filters to segment them based on real-time defined criteria such as demographics, frequency of
visits, type of expenses, activity in the store, etc.

How effective is On Solutions assistance in the Customer Service process?

Ne ndihmojmë kompanitë në maksimizimin e vlerës së biznesit dhe tejkalimin e qëllimeve të tyre të. Një paketë e plotë shërbimesh 360 ° do të sigurojë të gjitha nevojat e biznesit tuaj, duke përfshirë nje qasje shumëgjuhëshe, të mbështetur nga kanalet Omni dhe duke përfituar nga përvoja jonë shumëvjecare me
We help companies maximize business value and exceed their goals. A full package of 360 ° services will provide all your business needs, including a multilingual approach, supported by Omni channels and benefiting from our many years of experience with clients in various industries. We help businesses succeed in this area by building strong relationships at every point of their customer journey.

How to create a business profile on the On Solutions website? What data are needed?

To create your profile on the On Solutions website, you need to complete the form with below information: •Full name; • Name of your Company; • The industry you represent; • Your company email address; • Contact number; • Company size (number of staff) • What is your question about? The last step is to send the application and then our experts will contact you.

What criteria is essential for a business to become a partner with On Solutions?

Regardless of the field of business or industry you represent, the main and very important criteria is that your business must be registered in the National Business Center.

What channels are used to promote offers through Marketing Campaigns?

The company customizes campaigns and communication channels based on your needs and requirements The channels that can be used are: SMS, Viber SMS, Push Notifications, Email Marketing.

What are the steps to be followed to sign the contract between 2 (two) parties?

The first meetings are held for the purpose of informing the 2 (two) parties for cooperation, by clarifying all the points that are included in the Agreement Contract.

After both parties have agreed on the points that are included in the Contract, the information needed for both Companies is: NUIS, Business Name, company administrator details and the address where the business operates.

What are the ways to contact On Solutions?

Ways to contact On Solutions are via contact number: 044813159, E-mail address: info@onsolutions.al and website www.onsolutions.al.

What is the procedure, in case the topics of the contract are not fulfilled?

When the topics of the signed contract between On Solutions and your company are not fulfilled, then the agreement is reviewed once again with the legal department of each company. Each of the parties has the right to terminate the Agreement by notifying the other party and observing the predetermined deadline.

How effective is the Customer Experience Service at On Solutions

We help businesses succeed in this area by building strong relationships at every point of their customer journey. We create Customer Care Solutions, combining the most advanced technologies, with operational excellence, processes, innovations, customer analytics and team of highly engaged and passionate experts.

How can Loyalty Campaign Management improve the customer experience?

We collaborate with the best platforms to create a campaign tailored to your business.

Our experts will help you set goals, describe your specifications clearly and in detail. Based on your business needs, we research, analyze and present the best practices of your industry.

How can On Solutions help a company with market research service?

We can help you get the information you need, when you need it, with an on-demand team that delivers fast, valuable and targeted research. We have created an in-house unit that can design and conduct any type of study for any industry.

We design the best approach based on the client's need taking into account best practices e.g. CATI, Mystery Shopping, Focus Group, etc.
We do Surveys with our own resources and when necessary, we also coordinate with external partners. We develop detailed data analysis, present the results and suggest appropriate solutions.

What measures does On Solutions take to protect the data of partner companies?

The importance of discrete data is a very important and primary issue for On Solutions. Our qualified staff, as well as the collaborators of our Platform, through high security servers, implement all appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against unauthorized or illegal processing, accidental loss, destruction or damage.

Can a business that does not operate in the city of Tirana become a partner with On Solutions?

Regardless of the city where your business operates, you have the opportunity to become a partner company with On Solutions as every procedure related to our services is normally developed by our experts.